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Our Story

We’re multidirectional, graceful and adventurous. Just like a hummingbird!

Our mission at Hummingbird Investment Holdings Inc. is to make mindful real estate investments to benefit communities, maximize value for our partners and realize growth potential for our business.

We focus on revitalizing houses across the GTA for families to live and thrive. We’re committed to building comfortable homes, enriching communities, growing our business and being profitable. With strong, meaningful partnerships we can achieve these goals.

Building Something Meaningful

After working in corporate Canada for more than 25 years, Karen Francis, company president, wanted to take on new opportunities and challenges. She wanted to build something meaningful and live with greater purpose. That’s why she established Hummingbird Investment Holdings Inc.

Get To Know Karen

As a black woman and mother, Karen genuinely wants to share her story to inspire others to do amazing things – both personally and professionally. To get to know her better, read Karen’s responses to the questions below.

Karen Francis

What obstacles have you overcome since starting Hummingbird Investment Holdings Inc?

The most significant obstacle I’ve overcome is negative self talk. We all have it – those saboteur voices that lie to us and prevent us from being our full and wholesome selves. In the early days of the company, I took the Positive Intelligence course through Spark Ideas. It helped me identify the habits and attitudes that held me back. My #1 saboteur is “the stickler,” which means I need everything to be perfect, planned, structured and sequential. I tell myself I’m not good enough if I can’t get everything perfect and organized. The course gave me practical techniques to cultivate a positive mindset and quiet my negative mind. Now, I think about how unrealistic and unreasonable it is to place those demands on myself.

What have you learned since you established Hummingbird Investment Holdings Inc?

The biggest thing I’ve learned since starting Hummingbird Investment Holdings Inc. is I don’t need to get caught up in the details of “how” things will be done. Once I know the “what” and the “why” how it gets done will come!

Why did you start a business in the middle of a pandemic?

I started Hummingbird Investment Holdings Inc. because of the pandemic. The entire world was on pause and there was no pressure for anyone to do anything. For me, that was the perfect time to do exactly what I always wanted to do. Some people baked bread; I started a home revitalization business.

How do you run a company and raise a family?

I was tempted to say “very carefully” but even with the best planning and organizing, it’s hectic and demanding and exhausting. At the same time, I’m extremely motivated, energized, and passionate about accomplishing my dreams and goals. I want to make a difference through Hummingbird Investment Holdings Inc.

What advice would you give other women who want to start their own company?

It sounds like a cliche but don’t wait – just do it. Trust me, the timing is never going to be perfect. Even if you don’t know exactly how you’re going to do it, you need to take the first step. Also surrounding yourself with great people who can help, both practically and emotionally, is key. So…take that first step and keep moving.

What makes you happy?

I’m at my best when I have options, choices and freedom. I like routine and predictability but what I value most is the ability to live and work without feeling trapped, caged or smothered. The more freedom I have, the happier I am.

What’s your next big adventure?

That’s a great question. The reality is there are many roads to my next big adventure and I’m open to all of them. As I mentioned before, options make me happy, so my next big adventure is going to be whatever feels right.

Our Mission

To make mindful real estate investments to benefit communities, maximize value for our partners and realize growth potential for our business.

Our Vision

To BE, DO and HAVE all that we can dream!

Our Values



We learn fast, we execute with diligence, we course correct, and we recover with ease.



We improve continuously, we partner effectively, and we generate value.



We are passionate about what we do and we have fun!